FRACTAL FEATURES | 033 | Introducing Fractal Features…
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033 | Introducing Fractal Features…

29 Sep 033 | Introducing Fractal Features…

FF33A break from the writing talk, I wanted to share something exciting. While Journey Box Media is in it’s third year, and still growing as a short film company, we decided to create a new entity for our feature films.

So while we’ve been breaking down the story and writing, we’ve been creating this new entity. The name was important as we wanted it to say something about the style of stories we want to tell. After a lot of bad name ideas and good name ideas that were already taken, we landed on…

Fractal Features

Fractal Features Logo_Final 2c-01


You can thank Teresa for the name. It was her idea.

The thing I love about fractals is that they seem simple but are infinitely complex. Ordered chaos, and that’s really what films, and more specifically, the stories, we want to tell. (I’m sure that’s a terribly written sentence.)

The website, and all social entities will be set up soon, so keep your eyes out for your chance to follow and like us.

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