FRACTAL FEATURES | 032 | Every Day Is Like the First Day
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032 | Every Day Is Like the First Day

23 Sep 032 | Every Day Is Like the First Day

FF33Tuesday morning.


I have written the first half of the first draft of my first screenplay for my first feature film.

I thought that by the 6th day of writing, I’d be over the whole “afraid to start writing” thing.

Turns out that fear shows up EVERY DAY! What?!?

I’ve heard over and over that if you don’t know what to write, just start writing about anything, and eventually the creativity will flow, so I guess that’s what this post is:

It’s my warm-up.

And my procrastination.

Today I start writing the second have of the movie, and what’s interesting to me is that while the first half ended at the action and scene I planned, the main character is in a different place than I planned him to be.

I will take that as a good thing. There were a few fleeting moments in the writing process last week where I felt the characters actually made a different decision than I planned for them or had a unique line of dialogue than I expected. (Teresa say’s I crossed the line once or twice.)
The point is, based on my basic knowledge of writing, that’s a good thing. That means the characters have some sort of uniqueness to them, and that I am listening to them (which I always thought was just crazy writers talk).

So, here’s to week 2.

It’s now 8:39.

Time to get started.

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