FRACTAL FEATURES | 030 | First Day of the First Draft
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030 | First Day of the First Draft

15 Sep 030 | First Day of the First Draft

FF30Okay, so I’m all settled in to the lake house where I will write my first draft of my first feature film.

My family and friends have graciously given my this gift, the gift of losing my distractions, of normal life, of home. Groceries are purchased, books laid out, my act cards are organized… I have no excuses left. Just have to write.

My goal is 10 pages per day starting tomorrow. Today is about outline, characters, and going over all my notes I’ve been keeping for 3 months.

I’m hoping I can blow through those things and start a page tonight, but we’ll see. Maybe get ahead.

I won’t be posting every day, but I plan to post at the end of the week with an update and see where we are at. See you then!

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