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029 | Poster, Website, Outline, what’s left?

10 Sep 029 | Poster, Website, Outline, what’s left?

FF29This week is full of complicated emotions:

We held the photo shoot for our movie poster! It was so much fun and had the help of some great old and new friends who believe in what I’m working on. Turns out my nervous feeling of “I didn’t get what I needed” also applies to photo shoots. So in the coming weeks you may see some teaser images trickling out.

I took my story cards and put them up on 4 sheets of paper, laying out and organizing all the beats and scenes I see happening in the film. A few adjustments were made, but it was one thing I wanted to get done before I leave for the writing sessions (Monday!).

Wednesday (today)
I met with my mentor to discuss my marketing, legal, and fundraising plan. That makes it sound much more formal than it was, but I learned a lot and got some solid feedback on some of my plans.

Thursday (tomorrow)
I am meeting with my great friend who is helping me with the marketing campaign – planning, organizing, networking, writing. So much to do, and I’m so excited that she’s on board.

Oh, and I may also mention that I’ll find out if I made it in the top 20 for PROJECT GREENLIGHT!?! I’ve been trying to keep it out of my mind, but that has been a fruitless endeavor. If I get the call or email, I’m sure I’ll scream like a girl. Also, that means that I’ll be enlisting all of you and every person you’ve ever met to vote for me (voting starts on 9/15).

I’ll have my first brainstorming session for JBM’s Christmas collaboration with Oasis (my church). I have a few ideas twinkling around in my head, and hopefully they can be developed and put together in a beautiful celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.

I also will be seeing the first drafts of the logo for my new film production company “Fractal Features”! This company will be our feature length films, while JBM will be our short, faith-based films for pastors and churches.


And all this happening the week before I head off to write my first draft! Yes! Monday I am heading to Lake Wales with my only task being to write and complete a first draft of my first feature length screenplay!

I am nervous about it, but I feel confident I can make it happen. I’m sure I’ll follow Donald Miller’s advice about writing: don’t shower till you get the chapter/scene written. No one who reads it (or sees it) will know how you smelled when you wrote it.

One detail of importance: I’ve decided to push back the website release till October 15th. There is still much to do in making sure everything is awesome and ready before we go life: website, twitter, facebook, email list, auto responders – and on top of all that I also need to get the website up and running for Fractal Features.

So, here’s to continuing to live ‘in-over-my-head’!

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