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026 | The Movie Poster

11 Aug 026 | The Movie Poster

FF26Today I met with a photographer and a stylist. These two friends and I brainstormed about an upcoming photoshoot for the teaser movie poster. I love the concept and can’t wait for it to happen. We were able to come up with an idea that visually communicated the concept of the movie without showing any faces (because we won’t have our actors cast till spring of next year).  It’s exciting to work with such talent and for them to be excited about the project as well.

One of the great things about spending the time and money up front for a poster is that this thing I’m working on suddenly becomes real. It’s not just an idea in my head anymore.

A makeshift movie poster is also an idea several screenwriting books have suggested to give you something tangible, a goal to look forward to. I just figured let’s go all out, have a photoshoot, and make this thing official.

So keep your eye out for the movie poster on October 1. That’s the day we’ll launch the website and start collecting email addresses for updates and support. Hope to see you there.

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